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Freedom Tales
Lusiah TeishMaster Storyteller
Luisah Teish

Luisah Teish is internationally known for her original renditions of African, African-American and African Caribbean folktales.  She has served as the Storytelling Director of  Stagebridge Inter-generational Theatre ( 2001-2003) and the past Artistic Director of Word Conjurors African-American Storytelling Association(1993-96).

She has performed at the National Association for the Preservation and Presentation of Storytelling in Jonesborough Tenn.  She has also performed at the Galaxy Theater in Auckland, New Zealand, La Casa de la Poesia in Caracas, Venezuela, as well as the Oakland Museum.
She is presently the director of  Dahomey Royal Design House/ASE Theater.

She is a  keynote speaker, workshop leader and events planner. She is the author of  Jambalaya: The Natural Woman’s Book of Personal Charms and Practical Rituals, and several magazine articles (Ms. Essence, Yoga Journal).
 Ms. Teish teaches spiritual autobiography, eco- mythology and ritual theater,
at community and university theaters worldwide.

Presently Ms. Teish  serves as a conductor on the Overground Railroad
which is dedicated to the abolition of slavery  wherever it exists, in all its forms

Lusiah TeishLusiah Teish

Campfire Freedom Tales
Master Storyteller
Luisah Teish
SoulPlay Camp Sessions:

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SoulPlay Reset Moment!A Welcoming Reset Moment
My Door Guardian ~ Luisah Teish!
Teish Garden Door Runs 2:35 HERE!

SoulPlay Play Date!SoulPlay Play Date
Pretend Stories ~ Playing with
Master Storyteller
Luisah Teish!
Pretend Stories Teish Runs 6:38 HERE!

SoulPlay Campfire!SoulPlay Campfire!
Lusiah Teish shares a story
and folklore from her storytelling mama

(Her whole Storytelling PlayShop is HERE!)
+ the Laurie StorEbook, Armadillo On My Pillow!
CampfireArmadillo On My Pillow Laurie StorEBook Runs 14:22 HERE!

SoulPlay Expression Session! Expression Sessions:
Amazing Dreamscape ~ Luisah Teish!

Dreamscape Runs 9:01 HERE!

SoulPlay Expression Session! Expression Sessions!
My Art Story ~ Luisah Teish!
My Art Story
Runs 10:30 HERE!

SoulPlay PlayShop! SoulPlay PlayShop:
Storyteller & Underground Railroad Founder
Luisah Teish: Nature Art
Nature Stories
Runs 6:52

SoulPlay PlayShop! SoulPlay PlayShop:
Internationally known storyteller Luisah Teish treats us to a
storytelling concert that includes the Underground Railroad
and an introduction to the Overground Railroad: Railroad Stories!
Storytelling Teish Railroad Runs 23:37 HERE!

SoulPlay PlayShop! SoulPlay PlayShop:
SoulPlay: Overground Railroad w/Founding Conductors
Luisah Teish, Harriet Tubman Wright & Julia Stege
What is the OVERground railroad? Meet the founding conductors and find out!

Overground RailroadRuns 18:50 HERE!

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