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SoulPlay Camp Counselor
Visible Dreamer Jean Kathryn Carlson

Jean Kathryn
After two successful careers, the first in education and the second in educational sales, Jean Kathryn is now enjoying her most vibrant life ever.  Her lifelong passion for spirituality and the inner life fuels her enthusiasm for discovering a new way of doing business based on inspired action.  Now, as founder of Vibrant Living Alchemy, she shares her passion through speaking, workshops and individual work.

A vibrant living alchemist, Jean Kathryn uses a variety of modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique, or Tapping, dreamwork, essential oils, creative writing and collage to support clients as they create their own vibrant living alchemy.  She is a certified Law of Attraction Coach, Dream Coach™, and holds a Dream Facilitator Certificate through the Marin Institute for Projective Dreamwork.  She studied DreamTending with Stephen Aizenstat in the six month intensive offered at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Visit Jean Kathryn at Vibrant Living Academy!

Visible Dreamer Jean Kathryn Carlson
SoulPlay Camp Sessions

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SoulPlay Reset Moment!A Wonderful Story Reset!
A Wonderful Illustrated Poem & Thought
from Jean Kathryn Carlson: The Dot!

The Dot
Runs 2:34 HERE!

SoulPlay Reset Moment!Reset Moment: Sing Color!
Jean Kathryn Carlson Sings De Colores!

JK DeColores Runs 2:48 HERE!

SoulPlay Reset Moment! Reset Moment: Dreams!
Visible Dreamer Jean Kathryn Carlson:

Sharing Dreams With Our Families

JK Dreams Runs 3:30 HERE!

SoulPlay Reset Moment!Reset Musical Moment:
Burro Song ~ Jean Kathryn Carlson
JK Burro Song
Runs 6:06

SoulPlay Reset Moment!
Reset Moment: Release!
Visible Dreamer Jean Kathryn Carlson ~ EFT!
Jean Kathryn EFT Reset
Runs 5:36 HERE!

SoulPlay Play Date! Play Date!

Visible Dreamer Jean Kathryn
& Laurie Story play with bubbles and dreams!
Bubble Dreamer
Runs 3:40 HERE!


SoulPlay Play Date! SoulPlay Campfire!
SoulPlay Campfire: Visible Dreamer Jean Kathryn
& Laurie Story read Sylvester
+ Can You Clock A Rock? Laurie StorEBook
JKSylvestorClockRock Laurie StorEBook
Runs 16:27 HERE!

SoulPlay Play Date! SoulPlay Campfire!
Jean Kathryn Carlson sings
El Burro in her wonderful Spanish!
Can Spring Sing? Laurie StorEBook!
Campfire Sing
Jean Kthryn Sings Runs 4:48 HERE!

SoulPlay PlayShop! PlayShop

Jean Kathryn Carlson: Out Of Hiding!
Jean Kathryn Runs 14:43 HERE!

SoulPlay PlayShop!
Color Read!
Sylvestor & The Magic Pebble!
Book by William Steig,
Read by Visible Dreamer Jean Kathryn Carlson & Laurie Story!

JKSylvestor Runs 13:24 HERE!

SoulPlay PlayShop!
Expression Session:
Dreams with Visible Dreamer
Jean Kathryn Carlson ~ Dream Journals & EFT!

JKFamilyDreams Runs 19:47 HERE!

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