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SoulPlay Camp Chef Anne Baker
Anne Baker

Certified Holistic Nutrition
and Lifestyle Change Expert
~  author of Season it Well!
the Outrageously Delicious Gluten Free Recipe Collection for the Discerning Palate

I use what is now being called BioIndividual Nutrition to help people reclaim vibrant health. Each person has specific dietary needs that reflect their unique biochemistry, health history, and food reactions. What many people don’t know is that most chronic health conditions have underlying immune, digestive, and detoxification imbalances. Once these imbalances are found and corrected the body is better equipped to regain health.

Whether you’re suffering with general malaise, or have been diagnosed with a serious chronic health issue; such as hypertension, insulin resistance or an autoimmune disease, the foods you eat dramatically impact your health.

~ Using food as medicine effectively means knowing which specific foods and nutrients will be most helpful for your specific health condition. Not all foods are good for all people.  If you’re eating the wrong foods your body is a constant state of inflammation and imbalance.

Many people are surprised when they learn some of the foods they thought were healthy for them are actually making their conditions worse. By finding and using the best foods, herbs, and nutrients for each client I help them improve their body's ability to reduce inflammation, fight illness and regain good health.

To hear more from Anne, stay fine tuned to SoulPlay and visit her at her website:
Nourish Holistic Nutrition!
Anne Baker

Chef Anne Baker
SoulPlay Camp Sessions:

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SoulPlay Reset Moment! Reset Moments:
Anne BakerSoulPlay Camp Chef Anne Baker!
Audio Tasty TidBit : Small Changes! Runs 1:12 HERE!

Audio Tasty TidBit : Fish Oil! Runs 1:35

SoulPlay Reset Moment! Expression Sessions!
SoulPlay Camp Chef Anne Baker!
Audio Interview: Food Yuckies Runs 17:00 HERE!
What's are the yuckies?!

SoulPlay Campers, what are the good and the bad oils?!
What does Anne say about cow's milk?!

SoulPlay Camp Chef Anne Baker!
Audio Interview: Body Wisdom Runs 16:37 HERE!
What's up with gluten?!
Crow Bread

SoulPlay Campers, what foods do you want to spit out?!

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SoulPlay Camp Chef Anne Baker:
Making A Gluten Free Apple Pancake!

Apple Pancake Runs 11:32

SoulPlay PlayShop! Yummy PlayShop!
SoulPlay Chef Anne Baker
Gluten Free Latkes!

Latkes Runs 14:06

SoulPlay PlayShop! Yummy PlayShop!

Camp Chef Anne Baker
Gluten Free Mexican Lasagna!

Mexican Yum Runs 8:57

Get 3 Gluten Free SoulPlay Recipes from Anne!
Thank you Anne!

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