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How Tos, Tips, Trips, Flips
How Tos, Tips, Trips, Flips
by Micah Lindsey

A book of random exciting things. What could possibly happen? Where else can you learn how to clone a dinosaur, try a gaming tip, see robot failures, hear a joke, and visit the Old West? You will only find them here in this book.
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Micah Lindsey

Hi! I’m Micah Lindsey. One thing you may have noticed about me is my GIGANTIC imagination! This is my first time actually selling a book. I hope you’ve enjoyed it! It may have been short, but there will be more, maybe even a series! Someday I will have my own books in my own company! I hope you find more of these books later.

My Amazing Animals
My Amazing Animals by Timothy Kries

Meet Timothy's furry members of the family – from Pup, a dog who thinks he's a human, to Peggy Lee, a cat that likes to be pet, but only when convenient for her. These animals are so adorable, you'll want to pet them all!
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Timothy Kries

Timothy Kries is a twelve-year-old aspiring manga artist and epic Osu gamer. He loves geography and Japanese culture. He also has three little sisters who he loves with all of his heart.

My Guinea Pig Gucci
My Guinea Pig Gucci by Madilynn Dunham

Student author Madilynn Dunham introduces you to Gucci, her adorable and spoiled guinea pig. Gucci is such a star, she needed her own book!
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Madilynn Dunham Hi! I am Madilynn Dunham. I am 12 years old. I published my first book last year, called Bee Swarm Simulator. My favorite hobbies are playing Roblox games, watching movies, and playing outside. My favorite foods are pizza, cherries, pasta, ice cream, and steak. My favorite drink is peace tea. I live with my parents, grandparents, and my little brother. The only pet I have is my 3-year-old guinea pig, Gucci. She is the star of this book!! I wrote this book so that other people would know how to take care of a guinea pig.

The Dead Guy Wants To Be My Friend
The Dead Guy Wants to be My Friend
by Gail Rose

Henry’s solitary teenage life is about to change when he meets Norman, a smart and tall upperclassman who is, well…dead. What Henry doesn’t know is that Norman is about to ask him for a small favor—to save the world.
In their first book, The Dead Guy Wants to be My Friend, Gail Rose tells an endearing tale of mystery, adventure, and friendship. Read on to find out more. It is guaranteed to lift your spirit!

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Reilly Peckinpaugh

Gail Rose is a sixteen-year-old artist and writer who lives in California. Although drawing has been a constant hobby since early childhood, Gail fell in love with writing stories during their time in middle school. Alongside drawing and writing, Gail enjoys bike riding, hikes, and dance. They’ve taken ten years of dance classes of various styles and enjoys dance in all forms. Gail’s favorite book genre is fantasy. They love exploring and getting lost in the worlds they read and write.

The Journey Of A Talking Mouse
The Journey of a Talking Mouse
by Sierra Lindsey
Jackson is hired to exterminate mice from a hotel but has a change of heart when he finds Zoey, a mouse that is special. Together they set off on an adventure where they encounter villains, friends, cats, zombies, dragons and more!
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Sierra Lindsey
Sierra Lindsey is ten years old. She lives in California with her family. She loves to play video games and draw. She has two goldfish named Nessie and Sharky. This is her first book, but surely not her last.
The Power Girls
The Power Girls by Hazel Preszler

It all started on a peaceful afternoon ...
Four resourceful girls use their powerful talents to protect their city from the evil sorceress. Will they succeed?

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Hazel Preszler

Hazel Preszler is a nine-year-old, third-grade student at Oak View Elementary School. She has three siblings and lots of cousins. Hazel would like to be a singer, dancer, librarian, and a baker when she grows up. She also has a dream of owning her very own ice cream parlor one day. Her favorite colors are blue and pink. Hazel loves to do crafts, draw, and plan a fun project.

The Serpent of Mount Soaroak
The Serpent of Mount Soaroak
by Michael Brashear

The city of Alaz sends adventurers to kill an evil serpent when they find out that the serpent may not be the evil one after all. Not all is as it seems on Mount Soaroak.
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Michael Brashear

Michael Brashear is a twelve-year-old student living in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He is interested in Greek and Roman mythology and enjoys biking, backpacking, and playing role-playing games with his friends and brother.

The Story Of Arnold Dean The Dinosaur
The Story Of Arnold Dean The Dinosaur
by Scott Chapman Sr & Robbie Fillmore

Arnold Dean the dinosaur, the only one of his kind, searches for his favorite food when he meets Sissy the catasaurs. They soon learn they are different from each other. Can they still be friends?
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Michael Brashear Robbie Fillmore

Hello my name is Robbie Fillmore and I am in the 7th grade. This book is for my Papa Bear because he made it for my mom when she was little, and we thought we should redo it and give it to him for a present.

Our Book Of Kindness
Our Book Of Kindness
by West Point Elementary 1st and 2nd Grade Student Authors & Illustrators

During the 2020/2021 school year, West Point Elementary first and second graders worked together and created a book to show you all they learned about kindness.Your heart will be inspired by all the ways they are kind to themselves and each other.
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Young Voices
Young Voices Of Amador County
by Mrs. Henry's 4th and 5th Grade Student Authors & Illustrators

During the 2020/2021 school year, Mrs. Henry's distance learning class worked together to create their very own book. The theme is Amador County, and their stories range from historical to fantastical. You'll enjoy this creative compilation written and illustrated by young voices from Amador County.
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Meet Our Fall '20 Student Authors!

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