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A Dynasty Heaven Can't Break
A Dynasty Heaven Cannot Break
by Averi Adams

A heartwarming account of a young girl's memory of her father, A Dynasty Heaven Cannot Break is a true story that depicts the joy of childhood, a love for family, and perseverance through difficult times.
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Averi Adams

My name is Averi Adams and I am interested in singing, music, playing sports such as basketball, volleyball, and soccer. My biggest supporters are my friends and family. My mom, grandparents, step-sisters, and step-dad are all the biggest supporters in my family. My friends help and support me through everything! My biggest inspiration is my 6th grade teacher Jamie Trassare. All the people around me are big supporters for me and I am glad I have so many great people in my life.

Bee Swarm Simulator
Bee Swarm Simulator
by Madilynn Dunham

Bee Swarm Simulator is a kid’s video game. Have you ever wanted to play? Maddy walks you through how to play in this unofficial, step-by-step guide to the game.
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Madilynn Dunham
Hi! I am Madilynn Dunham. I am 11 years old. My favorite foods are pizza, cherries and hot pockets. I also like ice cream. I have one pet, she is a Guinea pig, her name is Gucci. I live with my Mom, Katie, my Dad, Sean, my Grandma, Cathy, my Grandpa. Richard, and my little brother, Jacob. For fun I like to practice skateboarding, swimming in my pool and hanging out with my best friend. I wrote this book because I want to teach other players how to play Bee Swarm Simulator. My video is here!

Blue And Silver
Blue And Silver by Trinadi Tobener
As Sebastian wakes up alone and travels far away from where he is used to, he finds Buddy the rose dancing in the wind. But what happens when they both go to a village and find the grandma Sebastian forgot he had?
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Trinadi Tobener
Hello! I am Trinadi Tobener. I am 15 years old and I go to Argonaut High School. I live with my grandparents, little brother Bubba and our two huskies. I love to sing and act and most importantly, write! In writing this book, I was inspired by, well I can't lie, by my own self. I loved the idea of this story ever since I was a child; this story has always been a part of me.

by Reilly Peckinpaugh

Jessica is off to a normal day when she discovers that her horse Carey is going to have a foal! Stressful months go by, and it is getting close to the birth. Finally, there is only one more week until the foal is due … Read to find out more!
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Reilly Peckinpaugh

Hello my fellow readers! My name is Reilly Peckinpaugh and I live in Amador City. I am in 4th grade and go to Sutter Creek Elementary. At home, I have a dog, two cats and 9 chickens (6 chicks, 3 hens). I play piano, guitar and the recorder. I also play soccer, baseball, basketball and softball. I enjoy skiing, swimming, hiking and going on adventures on our property. Lastly, I like to go on jumps and bike rides with my bike.
I chose to write this book about horses because of the movie Flicka. I love to write and I love horses. I even thought about being a writer when I grow up. But then, I decided I would rather be a veterinarian.

Chuck And Polly
Chuck And Polly's Adventure
by Rose Noble
Chuck is no ordinary squirrel. When his forest friends find they are in need of help, he transforms into Super Squirrel. Super Squirrel always thought he could solve any problem on his own. But can he?
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Rose Noble

Rose Noble is a loving, outgoing and brave 10-year-old girl living in West Point, CA with her mom and dad, her older sister Ella, and her little brother Sam. She has a love of soccer and reading. This is Rose’s first book and she had a blast creating her story. When there is sunshine, you can bet Rose is in the water. She loves to paddle board and swim. In the colder months she enjoys sledding until her nose turns red! When she grows up she wants to be a brain scientist, archaeologist, or a judge. She thinks she will have many opportunities in her life to be successful.
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Making Friends
Making Friends by Kaden Gray
Kaden moves to a new town and finds new friends and new things to love!
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Kaden Gray

Kaden is an active kid who enjoys soccer and animals. He plans to become a professional soccer player when he grows up and also have a farm. He is ending his 4th grade year at West Point Elementary and is looking forward to 5th grade!

Mr. Shark
Mr. Shark by Maximus Gray
Max and Wade find that a former enemy becomes their best friend. They realize how important their friendship is after one of them moves away.
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Max Gray

Max really likes sharks and wants to be a Shark Biologist when he grows up. He is active in soccer, baseball, and 4-H. He enjoys riding bikes and watching TV.

Secret Of Bullied Girl
The Secret Of The Bullied Girl
by Zoey Pannetta

Jane is bullied and can't take it anymore, until she finds strength in an unlikely friend. A magical event leads her to discover that what makes her different is what makes her special.
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Zoey Pannetta

Zoey Pannetta is turning 10 as this, her first book ,is being published! Zoey likes to draw and to swim and tube on the lake. She lives with her mom, stepdad, their dog Harley, and tabby cat Percy. Zoey also loves spending time with her grandma and her three dogs, Lokki, Mimi, and Tippy.

The Story Of Bob & Jeff
The Story Of Bob & Jeff by
Michael Brashear & Robbie Fillmore

Bob and his dog Jeff return home from a world vacation only to discover that Bob’s hat is missing. Join them in this clever comic as they retrace their steps on a global adventure.
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Michael Brashear is 11 years old. He lives with his mom, dad, brother, and dog in the town of Sutter Creek. He enjoys, camping, riding his bike, and walking his dog named Gilly.
Michael Brashear Robbie FillmoreRobbie is a 12 year-old-student who is in the 6th grade. He has two younger brothers and one older brother. He also has two cats, one he has had since he was seven and the other one is a few months old.

by Timothy Kries

Yokeru is told mostly in Timothy's action packed, colorful drawings!
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Timothy Kries

Timothy Kries is an 11 year old author and gamer. He has 3 sisters and a ton of love for his pets! He loves to write Manga and draw Anime style pictures. He is also very interested in geography. He hopes to travel the world and live in Japan some day writing Japanese Manga and directing Japanese Anime.
My video is here!

What We Love
What We Love
by Student Authors & Illustrators

Student authors and illustrators, ages five to twelve share things they love. From pets to sports, rainbows to trucks, this colorful compilation will bring a smile to your heart! This book was created as part of the Student Author Program partnership between Creative Spirit Families and West Point Elementary After School Program supported by the California State Library with funds from the State of CA.
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Spring Anthology
by Spring Student Authors

This compilation book provides a few sample pages from each of ten student authors, ages nine to fifteen! Imagination runs high and a few share stories from their lives. The program served in Amador and Calaveras counties supported by the California State Library with funds from the State of California.
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