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Our Fall 2019 Student Authors and Their Books!
Jasper Alvarez
Jasper is ten years old. His first book was made by him and his friends. He and his friends are making another book. Jasper is a good artist and he loves his life. Jasper hopes his book goes to Marvel.
Alex worked in a lab when one day, the tank exploded. Alex and his brother once got along. Now they don’t. Alex is good. His brother is bad. Now his life is ruined, but he is a super hero.
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Taya Baker
Taya has been writing short stories since she was in third grade. Her fascination for animals, nature, and art has always been there. Taya has never published any books until now.
Shade and Lumikii are sibling wolves that live in a pack. Their father Slate is the alpha of the pack and is very cruel. Slate killed many wolves and Shade and Lumi overhear this and run away. Slate comes after them, trying to kill them. Now, they're just trying to escape and survive.
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Check Reflections out from the Amador County Library!
Tely Cordova
Tely Cordova is ten years old and loves PBS Kids. She is hoping that kids like her books.  

Turnip and Tio is a great story of how two brothers fight for a long period of time and then make up, through their friend’s help.

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Cherish Craig
Cherish Craig is ten years old. She loves dinosaurs. That’s why she wrote a book about dinosaurs. She lives in West Point.

There are a lot of different dinosaurs like the Spinosaurus, Triceratops, and T-Rex. The book tells you facts of dinosaurs.
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Giovanni Garcia
Gionanni is funny, cool, and happy to be an author. He wrote this book because he has always had a thing for action and survival.
Have you ever been on a plane and thought it would crash?Well, that's what happens in this book. Four people survive a plane crash and have to live on an island. Will they survive?
Author Narrated Video Book!
Check out Wrecked from the Amador County Library!
Emily LaSavio
Emily LaSavio is a young author who has been writing since age of seven. She loves to write about magic and adventure. Emily also loves to write with mythology. She is now eleven years old and has three younger siblings, two brothers and a sister. Emily's favorite author is Rick Riordan and her favorite book series is the Heroes Of Olympus.
Sarah Phonexfeather
Sarah Phonexfeather and the Missing Oracle is about six teenagers named Sarah Phonexfeather, Hannah Fairywing, James Pegasus, Ernie Dragon-scales, and Alex and Michael Pixie. They all go on a quest to save Mrs. Fairywing (Hannah's mom) from the Invincible Wizard who is the main villian along with his wife, Vapora Demos-soras. Will Sarah and her friends save Mrs. Fairywing? Read the book to find out!
Author Narrated Video Book!
Check out Sarah Phonexfeather from the Amador County Library!
Jay Morrill
Jay Allen Morrill is a first-time author of environmental importance and a fact checker. Rick Riordan is the person who inspired him most because he has compelling stories and that is a goal he wants to reach.
The reason I wrote Penguins is to prove a less used point that penguins are dying and we have to save them.
Author Narrated Video Book!
Kiwi Richie
Kiwi Richie
Kiwi Richie is ten years old. She loves horses, and this is why she wrote this book and because she hopes people will not abuse animals.
In my book I have facts and stories about horses, like how much water they drink and so on.
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Shanelle Rummerfield
ShanelleShanelle Rummerfield is eleven years old. She loves to do art and read mythical books. She would love to make more books in the future.
Animal Facts
My favorite animals are in my book. There are a lot of things you might not know about animals. I love them with all my heart. I hope you do too. There are a lot of facts about the animals in my book. I hope you will read it. It took me a long time to do research for all of the stuff I found.
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