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Laurie Story Vela founded Creative Spirit Families in August, 2013 as the non-profit consolidation
of her long time work with the FUNdamentals of literacy at Laurie's Stories
& her songs and spiritual literacy offerings at New Thought Families. Read on for more about Laurie Story!

Laurie Story's newest creation is Leaping Literacy Library ETV, a thematic web show
brought to you from Laurie's Victorian Playhouse with content from Leaping Literacy Library!

Laurie Story Sings!
Laurie Story Vela has been writing songs and singing her whole life.
She has performed for children and families for 3 decades and has worked
with youth writing and performing songs and musical theatre. She has worked
with Unity youth, always with songs at the heart of the ministry messages.

Jeremiah, Laurie's son, has performed with her on stage and in the studio since age 4.
Below are some music videos with Laurie and Jeremiah singing.

Laurie Story & JeremiahLaurie Story & JeremiahLaurie Story & JeremiahWe Are Called CD

Laurie Story CDs & Songs!
Links to Lyrics & Sample Songs

All My Relations Music CD
Circle Of One Music CD
Fall Into Winter Music CD
I Am A Music CD
In Our Hands Music CD
Let's Sing Music CD
Simply Singing Music CD
Singing LaurieStorEBooks
Small After Small Music CD
Spring Into Summer Music CD
12 Thoughts Of Christmas Music CD
Timeless Spirit A-Z Music CD
Trust What You Hear Music CD
We Are Called Music CD
Women In Waiting CD

From our Leaping Literacy Library archives
Laurie Story Singing with Jeremiah:

Open Flow 2008
Open Flow 2019
Singing Live 2006
Seed Of Love 2012
God's Spot 2010
God's Spot 2015

Color CloudAbout Laurie Story:
Laurie Story

Laurie Story has been creating, producing & publishing family & children's books, music & curriculum since receiving her M.A. in Education & Curriculum Design from UC Davis, 1991. Her Leaping Literacy program for developing readers & English language learners is full of her innovative 'physical phonics', amazing alliteration, & rollicking rhyme in hundreds of Laurie StorEBooks & songs found in the original Leaping Literacy Library
for traditional reading FUNdamentals. Read more about Laurie's Stories here!

Laurie Story Vela grew up writing and performing ~ songs, poetry, books, plays. Her literacy work was formed at the University of CA, Davis where her undergraduate degree was in Communications and her Master's in Education focussed on curriculum design. Laurie's thesis blended phonics & whole language addressing the fun & whole person connections to traditional literacy & early reading fluency.

Laurie Story is a singer and prolific songwriter. She has penned and produced hundreds of children's, folk and New Thought songs. She has hundreds of stories, songs & alliterative poems in her FUNdamental literacy offerings. You can read & hear samples from hundreds of Laurie StorEBooks in the Laurie's Stories' Leaping Literacy Library. She has created and developed ChildSing Song Circles for preschoolers & their caregivers with 3 ChildSing CDs & ChildSing section of the Leaping Literacy Membership Library. Laurie Story's current folk & New Thought songs are found on 8 CDs. Laurie Story has sung, performed & recorded with her son Jeremiah since he was 4, now age 20 and an accomplished musician studying at UCLA. Scroll down to hear and see them! Laurie Story created New Thought Families; an online ministry of merry music & mindful home spirituality practices in 2006 with the website going live on 2/7/2007. New Thought Families is infused & enhanced with Jeremiah's young voice as well as the 'KidSpeak'of other children & youth Laurie Story has worked with. Laurie Story has added more sections/branches in the Leaping Literacy Membership Library for expanded areas of family literacy. SoulPlay Camp produced hundreds of videos to 'let your soul come out to play'! And Creative Spirit Families has a developing forum branch where members can share and publish their own eBooks & co-creations. There are more planned branches/sections forthcoming for the Leaping Literacy Library that include 'Generational Gems, Ancestor Treasure, and Vintage Voices' as well as expanded 'Nature Nook' celebrations and explorations. Creative Spirit Families seeks to integrate intergenerational voices in expressions of Love for family, community, and nature through the arts and heart based communications on and offline.




Creative Spirit Families is a non profit 501C3 ~ Thank you for your support!


Creative Spirit Families

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