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Literacy in the traditional sense is about reading & writing fluency and proficiency.
This is where Laurie Story's work began and is still rooted.
Yet literacy has expanded to be a term that applies to any subset of knowledge ~ like financial literacy.
This sweet 2016, we are playing with the ABC's of Literacy ~ A~Z ~ changing letters every 2 weeks!

Here at Creative Spirit Families and through Laurie Story's Leaping Literacy Library section branches
~ linked below ~ we offer opportunities to explore the FUNdamentals of traditional literacy
as well as expand our expressions through heart & spiritual literacy,
creative literacy, family literacy & computer literacy.

We believe in keeping our imaginations and innovations on 'Cloud 9'!

Free Shelf!
Every other fab Friday or so, we re-stock The Free Shelf with an offering from our current alphabet letter in each of Leaping Literacy Library's main branch sections; Laurie's Stories, ChildSing, New Thought Families & SoulPlay.

Family Creativity!
Leaping Literacy Library encourages families to use cyber creativity in our Online Forum!
This safe cyberspace is set aside as a space for children and their adults to share ~ and publish too!
Check out the super cyber literacy possibilities at Creative Family Literacy!

Creative Spirit Families seeks to integrate intergenerational voices in expressions of Love for family,
community, & nature through the arts & heart based communications in live events & as part of our Library.

Laurie's Stories
Nrew ThoughtFamilies
Family Creativity Branch
Laurie's Stories
Reading FUNdamentals!

Help young readers develop fluency with fun, rhyming Laurie StorEBooks, StorETV, Songs, Games & Live, Interactive Performances!
Free with No Log In:
Play hundreds of interactive,
online language games ~
silent letters to homophones!

Browse 175 Laurie StorEBooks
New Thought Families
Spiritual Family Literacy!

Our New Thought Families branch of Leaping Literacy offers hundreds of songs, videos, daily calendar pages, activities, eBooks & inspirations for building ABCs of family spirit literacy; Awareness, Beauty, Compassion ~ Zeal!
Free With No Log In:
Daily Play & Pray Calendar
ABC Pages * Song Lyrics & Samples
Family Creativity
Creative Family Literacy Forum
is a quiet, commercial free creative space for families to express & connect; share with loved ones in the same house or across the globe! Includes the option to publish & sell Your StorEBooks & creations keeping 100% of the sales.
Visit the Family Forum here!
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Creative Spirit Families

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